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About The Wind Chill Factor

The reason people and warm blooded animals feel a windchill is that we generate heat internally as we metabolize food and fat. When the wind is blowing and the temperatures are cold enough (as opposed to a hot summer day) our bodies lose this internally generated heat as the air flowing around us carries the heat away. The stronger the wind, the faster this heat loss occurs and the more we "feel" the cold.

The general basis for the wind chill is that the higher the wind speed and the lower the temperature the colder you will feel because the wind is wicking away the heat from the surface of your skin. The wind chill factor comes into effect when the temperature is equal to or less than 4 degrees Celsius and the wind is greater than 8 km/hr.

Temperature: Celsius
Wind Speed: km/h
Wind Chill Factor: Celsius
  1. Enter the current temperature in Celsius
  2. Enter the wind speed in kilometers per hour
  3. click the Calculate button.

I have developed an experimental program for runners which does not only pace calculations but also heart rates, wind chill and humidex conversions. The program is designed for the Windows 9X/NT/2000 platform and you can download it right here:

download pacer.zip

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