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The Pace Tag

A pace tag is a small piece of paper with split times which you can tape to your watch band. This page will assist you in creating your own tag. Split times are given at every 5 km/miles unless the Print Every Split option is checked. Walk breaks are supported.

To create your own pace tag simply follow the instructions below.

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Your Name:
Distance:  km  miles
Time: (hh:mm:ss)
Use walk breaks:
Walk break every: (hh:mm:ss)
For how long: (hh:mm:ss)
Walk speed: per hour
Font Size:
Font Color:
Background Color:
Alternate Background Color:
Print Every Split:
  1. Enter your name (optional)
  2. Enter the race distance (100 max.)
  3. Select either km or miles
  4. Enter the time you want to achieve
  5. Enter how often you will take walk breaks
    (enter 0 for none)
  6. Enter the length of your walk breaks
    (enter 0 for none)
  7. Enter your walking speed
  8. Enter the font size
  9. Select a font colour
  10. Select a background colour
  11. Select an alternate background colour to highlight every second row in a different colour
  12. Select to print every split (1,2,3...) or not
  13. click the Build Tag button

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